All the extra features that are provided by the world wide web also bring danger with them. Just as in real-life there are a lot of criminals active on the internet. Large amounts of sensitive data gets transported each day and criminals love to get their hands on this sensitive information such as creditcard numbers, passwords and other account information. They can sell the information, abuse it or commit an identity theft. Nobody wants that to happen. What kind of personal information is stored from you online? There are much more dangers on the internet than you might think. You can read more about it below.

Wireless networks

A simple example of the dangers on the internet is the wireless network. People may know it as Wi-fi. This simple technique is used every day to connect wireless to the internet. Your smartphone, tablet and laptop are probably functioning due to Wi-fi. It is easy, effective and (if the set-up has been done correctly) safe to use. You don't have to worry about a connection once you made a connection with you device, it will automatically connect you again with your device. But Wi-fi also has several disadvantages. For example, most routers come out of the factory with a standard password if you don't change the password, people can easily access your home network. People who know enough about wireless networks can easily monitor your internet-traffic.