Nowadays the world wide web is being used for a lot of daily activities. Big amounts of money are getting transferred every day over the internet and there is a lot of personal information stored on the internet. You can shop online or you can keep in touch with your family members or friends that live all over the world with the use of Skype. All these services and information can be accessed easily through your internet browser. Just type in the URL and you're ready to go. But what do these websites know about you? A lot of websites, such as Facebook, need your personal information to give you the access to their website. For this feature you need to create a profile to assure your identity on the website. But not everybody is happy with the fact that websites need to know who you are. How can you visit the internet anonymously? Find out more about it below.

Proxy servers

There are proxy servers available which assure your privacy on the internet.  This is a technique used by a lot of people who can't access everything by their own local government and provider. For example look at The Piratebay. TPB is a torrent-website. Torrents are using a technique called peer-to-peer. With the technique, software is distributed between a network of several PC's. But The Piratebay is being blocked by several countries for breaking the laws on copyright infringement. That's why people use proxy's, using foreign servers to keep their own identity safe.