Corporate security

Every kind of anti virus software is designed for a specific user group. For example there are home, total, personal, bussiness and enterprise versions of antivirus programs. They all have a different kind of set up for specific groups of users. They all have their own needs and they all need other sorts of protection and defense. That's why companies need a specific version of an anti virus software. As a company-owner you have to decide for yourself if you're going to use free or payed versions of anti virus. Free anti virus usually works just as well as payed anti virus software. The payed versions usually contain some extra features to manage the networks and distributed systems. What is the best kind of free anti virus software for my company? Find out more about it below.

Microsoft Security Essentials

MSE is a free anti virus program for business purposes. With this free version you can protect up to 10 computers around your company. For business use this program is mostly used and is considered as one of the best when you compare it to other free programs. However, since most companies own more than 10 computers, this option is recommended for small businesses only. The use of the version of this anti virus system will prevent you from getting fined when the authorities do their regular visits. So you don't have to pay for the fines and you don't have to pay for the system.

Comodo antivirus

Another great anti virus program is Comodo. With Comodo you are not limited to the maximum of 10 computers which is the case with MSE. Comodo has an overall better support on viruses 'in the wild' and makes use of cloud. Also the overall protection with Comodo is a lot better, because it offers you the total security. Various tests have shown that Comodo uses 2,000k less memory than MSE and last but not least it is completely free to use.