Bank account

The world wide web is a place where a lot of things can be done. People are using the internet now for much more daily activities then they did 10 years ago. For example checking your bank account online is very normal nowadays. Transporting some money to a person or company can be done in a few seconds due to the use of internet banking. To use the service you have to give your bank account number, and your pass-number. To have fully access to your bank account you even have to give your pin-code. Most banks require a so called 'random reader'. It needs you to insert your card to verify your identity. This method has a high level of security, but it is still possible to get hacked. How? By using a keylogger. Do you like to know more about these keyloggers? Read more about it below.  

What is a keylogger?

A keylogger is used by hackers who want to get a hand on your account details. This can be your bank account or any other kind of important accounts. The keylogger itself is a small piece of software, which will infiltrate to your computer by a virus or malware in most of the cases. Most of time the user doesn't even know a keylogger is installed on the computer. The software can register all inputs on your computer. For example if you are typing an important and confidential mail, the hacker can see all inputs from the mail. This means that the hacker can take advantage of everything that you have and do on your computer, even your bank account isn't safe anymore.  Therefor, always make sure that your computer is free of viruses by using a decent antivirus-software and keeping it up-to-date.